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Puppies will be born mid-May 2019. They will be able to leave their mother in mid-July. You may reserve a pup in the order of deposit received and have your pick order deposit received and have your pick ordered number saved We are currently accepting deposits

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Dharma Von Solilo, alias "Princess Heidi"


Dharma Von Solilo-A Litter Dharma Von Solilo ZB.Nr.0076/16 Con forma tion: "V'

DERBY prize II (Nose 3, Search 4, Point 4. Obedience 4)
AZP pr ize II (Nose 4, Search 4. Point 4. Obedience 4)

Born : 10/02/2015

M: Bia Von Solilo V: Rock Von Delme Hors t

Dharma (Hei di) Is a grea t tracker and retr iever. Her nose is excellent in the fie ld . She excels in the water in search and retrieve .  She  was under the training of Fred Savor for the Derby test and under the training of Joel Williams and  myself for the AZP lest. She is great in the home with children and a fantastic companion and hunting do8.
62cm (24 inches) 69 l bs


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Aluke Vom Spielschwein


Alu.ke Vom Spielschwein ZB Nr.0715/13

Conformation:"SG" DERBY prize J (Nose, 4 Search 4. Point 4, Obedience 4)

Solms prize I(Nose 4.Search 4. Point 4. Obedience 4)

Born: 05/05/2013

M: Bess vom Blauen Gras V: Atilla vom Dakota Aluke has

  • a traditional male level head.
  • nice forechest.
  • heavy bone.
  • correct top and underline.
  • tailset
  • rear correct.

Dark pigment and movement correct. great in water, and a natural backer with high energy m the field. 65cm (26 inches) 72 lbs



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"D" Litter vom Wüstenjäger

Dam: Cora vom Wüstenjäger
Sire: Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst



Cora vom Wüstenjäger

Derby 1, AZP1, FW - V2, HD A2 
NAVHDA - NA Prize 1 {112 points}


Dam: Orie vom Riverwoods
D1 4h Search - "Suchen Sieger", Solms 1 - "Suchen Sieger", VGP 1 4h Search Behind Live Duck, SG (J), HD A1

Sire: Artus vom Riverfields
S1 4h search, D1 4h search, VGP 1 302 pts, V1 x3, HD-0-A1, HD 
 CKC (FDX) Field Dog Excellence, (FD) Field Dog and FDJ Field Dog Junior CKC (GRDCH) Grand Champion in show title. 

Cora is extremely accomplished hunting companion. She is calm enough to live in an apartment while I was working as a travel nurse, but will produce birds for you in the field and water with great passion. She has an excellent nose, adjusting search range according to the need. She is patient and will stay with a running wild bird without pushing it too hard, usually causing the bird to hunker down and try hiding. She is as honest as the day is long.


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For more information visit www.vomwustenjager.com; Call Wayne Davis 509-778-1198; Lisa Davis 509-778-1794; or email ldavisrnfa@gmail.com.

Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst

DKV - D1, S1, VGP1 (313 ÜF), HN, LN, BTR, SW3, BH, V 1, HD A2


Dam: Vicky von Neuarenberg
D1, S1, VBR-E, BTR, VBR, VGP 1, HD A1, Fw. V

Sire: Scout vom Entenpfuhler Forst
D1, S1, LN, VBR, VGP1, CACres, HD B1, Fw. V

Xam (Django) is a hard driving dog who has an excellent work ethic. He is a highly accomplished DK male as you can see by his high test scores and testing accomplishments at a young age both here and in Germany. Django is calm and extremely easy to be around yet is hard driving whether he’s taking out predators, blood tracking, or hunting in the field. Django’s accomplishments have qualified him for the next IKP & Kleeman Prüfung.

Having already produced several litters he has proven himself as an excellent stud dog as well! We feel that this combination will produce highly talented and driven pups with excellent conformation and mental stability.


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vom Speidel Kennel ‘E’ Litter - Whelped- 7 males and 4 females on January, 02, 2019
Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst - Daisy vom Speidel


Whelped- 7 males and 4 females on January, 02, 2019

Puppies from this litter should produce desirable drive, obedience, and cooperation with a complete tool set.
Pups are expected to be calm with a high level of mental stability.
They will be exceptional loyal home-hunting companion dogs



Daisy vom Speidel 

0094/14 D1, AZP1, Fw:V2, HN, HD:A2

M: Belle vom Speidel:  1366/05  60456/1
D1, AZP1, NAKP1, VGP1 312, HD:A1, HN, FW:V3

V: Dolf vom Alderberg: 0964/11  68494/1                                                                                                                     D1, S1, VGP1 299, FW:V, HN, HDA2

Daisy is an elegant, medium size girl with pleasing substance, dark pigmentation, and highly desirable conformation. She is a strong pointer and backs naturally; her water work is impressive. She has an excellent nose and is an excellent tracker; often loud on track. She quarters beautifully in any terrain always trying to produce game and is always available to the gun. Daisy is highly calm, cooperative, and obedient; a shock collar is not needed for control. She has a high desire to please. Daisy has a complete tool set. She has performed flawlessly in her tests and is an easy dog to train. She is a wonderful house and companion dog; has a happy, upbeat personality-disposition; and gets along beautifully with people and other dogs.


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Contact Information; Steve Waters (641-661-4204) or sjwatersdk@gmail.com .


Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst
D1, S1, VGP1 (313), FW: SG1 youth, FW: V1, HN, HD-A2, BTR, HN, VSwP (SW3), BH

M: Vicky vom Neuarenberg    1141/11    64032/1
D1, S1, VGP1, LN, BTR, VBR, HD-A1

V: Scout vom Entenpfuhler Forst    0618/11    65141/1
D1, S1, VGP1, HN, FW: V, HD-B1, VBR, CACres


Xam, call name Django, is an impressive fellow on all accounts.  He is a larger, but not over-size, dog with beautiful dark liver pigmentation; he has been rated V1 twice which is a testament to his outstanding conformation. He is a high drive dog that is totally focused on accomplishing any task assigned. Yet, Django is highly biddable, cooperative, and obedient; he loves to work. He has passed the BH exam, which is an obedience qualifier in IPO. He is a strong pointer that backs naturally and is strong in the water. He has an excellent nose and is a strong tracker. He has a complete tool set. Django is calm, non-confrontational with dogs and people, and has an upbeat-happy personality-disposition. He is wonderful in the house and is an outstanding companion dog. 


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Contact Information; Steve Waters (641-661-4204) or sjwatersdk@gmail.com



Brocco von Solilo:

Zb. Nr. 0435/11; VJP 59, 63; Solms Prize I; VGP Prize I; HN; HD-A2; Fw: SG.

M: Cathy vom Holtvogt (Rocky KS von Neuarenberg x Tessa von Neuarenberg) V: Eiko KS von der Zista (Barro von der Zista x Arissa von der Zista)

Brocco (call name, Brock) is a very cooperative, well-proportioned, tall male. A powerful hunter, several judges at different times have remarked that he is “all business” in the field. Yet, Brock is calm, stable, and a joy to live with around the house. At his Zuchtschau, positive remarks include nice head and neck, good boned, top and bottom line correct.

Intelligent and easy to train; Brock demonstrated a well-developed nose, intense points, and exceptional blood tracking skills from an early age. His search in a pheasant field is purposeful and wide-ranging; in the grouse woods, Brock hunts close and under control at all times. He is a determined, deliberate retriever, on land and in the water. During a duck search, he never quits. Brock combines all of the best qualities of his Hege-Haus, vom Wittekind, and Osterberg heritage.

Brock is available to approved DK females by contacting
Dan Myshin @ 717.541.5451 or



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Beier vom Nordstern

ZB. NR 0010/15
D2, HZP 189, HN, FW. V, HD-A2
M. Jule vom Osterberg
F. Dolf vom Adlerberg


Beier has a calm quiet disposition and lives in the house with his family. When time for hunting, he turns the switch and is ready to go to work. With his fine nose and solid pointing he hunts the forests, fields, and wetlands of Minnesota and the Dakotas. In the forest he hunts with a natural close range and in the open grasslands he ranges out yet always hunting for the gun. His use of nose and desire to retrieve on water is undeniable as reflected in his HZP score of 12 in search behind the duck. The Judges explanation for the 12 in search behind the duck: An extraordinary wide, intense and independent search under the most difficult conditions, without any influence form the handler. The dog found several ducks. Beiers handler had no prior experience training for or testing in the DKV/JGHV system.

Confirmation Survey: Nice male head, nice top line and bottom line, good front line.
Front angulation correct. Rear angulation correct. Nice substance. You can tell this is a male dog from a distance.


Beier is available to approved DK females by contacting:

Jesse Freese @ 320-260-9235 

Email: jessejfreese@gmail.com


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